About Foothill

Innovative. Dynamic. Caring. A place where students choose to change their lives, their community, and their world. This is Foothill.

One of six high schools in the Ventura Unified School District, Foothill Technology High School was established in 2000 as a magnet public school, with a focus on technology, medical services and communications.  One thousand students in grades 9-12 are enrolled through a random and unbiased lottery process .

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Even in the midst of hard economic times for California public schools, Foothill has achieved at the highest levels and received state and national recognition. Teachers, administrators and support staff work diligently every day to create the most positive high school experience. Our consistent pursuit of first-rate instruction creates many opportunities for our students.



A National Reputation for Excellence

In the last several years, Foothill has achieved numerous academic and co-curricular successes. These include:



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Foothill Offers Students

  • a small school, community-feel environment

  • technology integrated into the curriculum, with an emphasis on research, creative problem-solving and practical applications

  • an atmosphere that encourages strong parental involvement

  • adult mentors from the business and medical communities, internships and job-shadowing


Ed Wehan interviews Principal Joe Bova  for “Our Ventura TV” (Dec. 23, 2012).


Modified Block Schedule allowing In-Depth Study

Foothill has a modified block schedule which allows teachers 90-minutes to address curriculum in depth. The block schedule also allows the school to bank time in order for staff to collaborate on a weekly basis. This meeting time has been critical in establishing a professional, innovative, and creative learning community.

Students thrive at Foothill because of a culture that perpetuates constant improvement, which is modeled by teachers who relentlessly pursue excellence in the classroom. We believe students will succeed in a rigorous environment when they feel connected to the school and are supported by school-wide intervention programs.



FIRE: A Model Mid-day Advisory and Intervention Program

To help new students adjust academically, Foothill offers a model mid-day advisory program called Foothill Intervention Reinforcement and Enrichment (FIRE) . This is a 30-minute, mid-day period scheduled weekly Tuesday through Friday. All 9th grade students are enrolled in the FIRE advisory during their first year on campus. New 10th, 11th and 12th grade students may “opt in” as well during their first semester on campus as they adjust to their new surroundings. FIRE provides a structured environment in which new students can connect with teachers and experienced student “mentors;” learn about school programs, procedures and traditions; and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorously academic high school environment.

Each year students participate in integrated project-based learning assignments. Students research, write, debate, and then present their findings and experiences to community members. The staff collaborates at the FTHS Summer Institute and throughout the year to build and improve the projects.



Relevant Career Education

Career education spans four years at Foothill. The Career/Media Specialist visits the grade nine classes and students complete some basic inventories accessing their skills, interests, and aptitudes. In grades 10-12, many students choose to explore specific career interests through job shadowing, field trips, and hearing guest speakers. Students are made aware of additional career, scholarship, and university information  available in the Media Center and online.



Crossfit style P.E

Diverse P.E. Choices for Lifelong Fitness

Foothill offers a diverse physical education program. A full-time P.E. teacher offers supervised classes at nearby athletic clubs and on campus. A small percentage of students participate in independent P.E. through pre-approved community organizations. Foothill also offers dance classes for P.E., taught by a professional dance instructor.

About 2o0 of our student population currently participates in sports at their boundary high schools, either Buena or Ventura. Foothill will offer CIF athletics teams beginning in the fall of 2014.

In 2014 -2015, Foothill will begin its Core Athletics Program to take place daily from 2 – 3 p.m. during 7th period. Students will rotate through fitness workouts and tutorials, led by Foothill staff. These workouts will be designed by the CAP staff to be comprehensive and sports specific, depending on the individual needs of the athletes and coaches. During the season, student-athletes may participate in the fitness aspect of CAP if their coach requests it, but more likely will use the time exclusively for tutorial support and homework before heading off to practices or games. Foothill staff leading this program will be highly trained fitness professionals and veteran teachers with backgrounds in the humanities, math and sciences, including AP/Honors level courses.


Mission Statement

Foothill Technology High School provides an environment in which inquiry is welcomed and learning has continuity and relevance. Our staff will support positive interaction among students, teachers, parents, and the community. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to compete and excel in the technologically advanced world of tomorrow.