Attendance Policies

Full day absences result in the loss of one full day of ADA (Approx. $35). Excused absences are no longer paid as ADA. It is also important to remember that “Vacation” days count as unexcused.

California law requires that every student attend school until the age of 18 years or until the completion of high school. Exemption: passing the California High School Proficiency Examination, must be at least age 16

The definition of an absence is more than thirty (30) minutes late for school.

Students have 3 days to clear an absence…

Excused absences include the following:
student illness * student’s medical, dental, optometrist appointment * death in immediate family *quarantine * exclusion immunization * jury duty (18 years or older) *

Excused absences recorded as “OTHER”:
* appearance in court observance of a religious holiday * pressing family emergency *

Unexcused absences:
vacation * caring for younger siblings * employment * errands * visiting relative or friends * car trouble * oversleeping * shopping *



Readmittance Procedures – How to Clear an Absence

Students have three days to clear an absence. Attendance may be checked on Zangle, the student and parent information system.

It is the parent’s/guardian’s or 18 year old student’s responsibility to notify Foothill Technology High School when and why the student is absent from school. Whenever a student is absent, we require (within three (3) school days) from the parent/guardian or 18 year old student the following:

1> Telephone contact: a 24-hour attendance phone is available at (805) 289-0023 ext. 1003 and will record information regarding student absences. Speak clearly when calling and please:

a. Give the student’s name and grade level
b. Give days/periods and dates of absence
c. State the reason for absence
d. Identify yourself, your relationship to student and give a contact phone number


2> Note (in ink) with the above information and given to the attendance clerk.

The attendance office will be open before and after school during breaks and lunch.

A student may not leave campus without a written note from parent/guardian. Students must sign in and out when arriving/leaving at any time other than the scheduled arrival and dismissal times.