The SAT and/or ACT can be very intimidating for students and parents, and in reality they are not “fun”, but if a student is well prepared there is no need to stress.

The best way to prepare is to work hard in changeling classes and take the practice test known as the PSAT (practice SAT). Students will often ask which test they “should” take and “what is the difference between the two”? Let me first say that there are some excellent resources in the FTHS Media Center that Mrs. Kapala has listed by clicking here.

Furthermore, the College Board website ( is the resource for the SAT and SAT Subject tests and the ACT website ( is the resource for the ACT. What you need to know is that every college/university will accept either test (and they will take your highest score) and one is NOT easier than the other. If you are interested in the University of California (UC) system you must take the SAT or the ACT with writing.

If you are interested in the California State University (CSU) system you can take the SAT or the ACT (no writing required) and that is it.

If you are interested in a private school, it is your responsibility to look up their testing requirements. It is recommended that you take the ACT or SAT in the spring time of your 11th grade year and the SAT subject test (if required) at the end of your 11th grade year. December of grade 12 is the “last testing date” for seniors and some school require all testing to be completed by November of your senior year. You must sign up directly with College Board or ACT, see web sites above, to take the test(s). A credit card or fee waiver is required. Please see your FTHS counselor if you believe you qualify for a fee waiver.

You will take the SAT or ACT on a Saturday and you will NOT take it at FTHS. FTHS is too small of a school to be a testing site, but students can usually take the test at BHS or VHS or you may have to travel to Oxnard or Santa Paula. When you sign up through the testing companies web site you will be asked where you want to take the test and you will print an admission ticket.

2015-2016 Test Dates

SAT & SAT Subject Tests

Test Dates/Register By

October 3/September 3

November 7*/October 9

December 5*/November 5

January 23/December 28

March 5**/February 5

May 7/April 8

June 4+/May 5


Test Dates/Register By

September 12/August 7

October 24*/September 18

December 12*/November 6

February 6**/January 8

April 9/March 4

June 11/May 6


* Last Date for 12th grade students to test

** Suggested time for 11th grade students to take a test for the 1st time

+ Suggested time for the SAT subject test if required

To register for SAT or SAT Subject Test go to  and create an account

To register for ACT go to and create an account