Athletics Director & Staff

Emily Stevens 2013

Emily Stevens was hired in June 2013 as Foothill Technology High School’s first athletics director and managed the launching of sports teams at Foothill during the 2014-2015 school year.

Stevens has been a physical education teacher for 18 years, including leading the P.E. Department at Foothill since 2005 where she designed and implemented a unique P.E. program and successfully created community partnerships for on campus and independent study P.E. courses. Previously, she was the athletics director and varsity girls basketball coach at Santa Paula High School and the varsity basketball coach at The Thacher School in Ojai. She also has experience coaching girls’ softball.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Stevens has a bachelor of science degree in physical education, with an emphasis in kinesiology and sports management. She served as the student manager of the Michigan Women’s Basketball Team.

With experience at every level of student athletics — from elementary school through university — Stevens is prepared to manage all facets of the new athletics program at Foothill, including communications with CIF and league officials; management of coaches; game, practice and tournament schedules; uniform and equipment purchases; fundraising; student eligibility; transportation; and pre-and post-season communication with athletes, parents, coaches and community partners.


Foothill teachers Anthony Unchangco, Emily Stevens and Bill Huffman are planning to launch the Foothill CORE Athletics class for 2014-2015. Photo by Cameron Crouch.

Teachers Anthony Unchangco, Emily Stevens and Bill Huffman are designing Foothill’s Core Athletics Program (CAP) for 2014-2015. Photos by Cameron Crouch


Foothill’s physical education teachers — Emily Stevens, Bill Huffman, Anthony Unchangco, and Jason Edgmond — worked hard last year to create a new class for the first athletes who will competed for our school in 2014-2015.

Called the Core Athletics Program (CAP), this class was designed to help Foothill athletes find balance in their school and sports commitments so they have the opportunity to become well-rounded student-athletes and perform to their highest potential. Our goal is to run a highly competitive program during the “season of sport” and to also offer rest and recovery periods so student-athletes are not asked to practice year-round without a break.

Foothill athletes will take part in this daily fitness and tutorial program during their off-seasons. They will be taught by teachers on staff who are also professional fitness instructors, with direction from Foothill coaches.

Foothill has established itself as one of the top academic schools in the nation, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our school.