Foothill ASB


The Foothill Technology Associated Student Body Leadership Class strives to promote a positive academic school climate and student unity through unique and exciting extracurricular activities. The ASB serves as the prime liaison between the students and the Foothill faculty and works toward a common goal of ensuring that each and every day at Foothill is an enjoyable one.

ASB students promote academic excellence and school spirit through the Renaissance program and similar activities. Leadership hosts bimonthly Renaissance Fridays and semester rallies to foster an appreciation of scholarly achievement. ASB strives to represent the whole of the Foothill student body and seeks to accommodate student’s unique interests by incorporating them into the various events the ASB hosts.

Leadership also safeguards the student body’s financial standings. The ASB organizes fundraisers to gather the means to carry out many of Foothill’s most basic necessities such as purchasing supplies for teachers and replacing weathered equipment in addition to hosting many events.

Foothill ASB is determined to promote academics, school spirit, unity among students and faculty, acceptable standards of scholarship and school activities, and high qualities of American citizenship. Its officers are always accommodating and urge anyone to bring their individual concerns to an ASB member’s attention.

For specific information about this program and class, please see the Foothill ASB wiki page.

Our bi-annual Renaissance Rally is just one of the fun activities ASB organizes each year at Foothill.


Renaissance Rally 2012 from The Foothill Dragon Press on Vimeo.



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