Foothill Yearbook

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Yearbook Class Instructor
Mr. Justin Frazier, WIKI Page
805-289-0023, ext. 2105.

Yearbook Business Advisor
Mrs. Conni Carr, Yearbook New Page
805-289-0023, ext. 2104.

Join Yearbook Staff!

Yearbook students plan, develop, market, publish and distribute the school annual. With the guidance of the course instructor (yearbook advisor), student groups participate in all aspects of yearbook development and publication.

Students have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in small groups to learn a wide variety of skill sets. Successful yearbook staff members are encouraged to participate in the Yearbook class for consecutive years, honing and sharing their experience as a class leader.



      • Leadership and cooperative group skills

      • Planning a book ladder and page layouts

      • Brainstorming, collecting and creating section content

      • Organization of photo opportunities for students, school clubs and organizations

      • Digital photography & graphic editing

      • Business skills – order processing, student notification

      • Marketing within peer groups

      • Creating promotional materials

      • Creating information gathering forms

      • Setting and meeting deadlines

      • Planning and following through with distribution

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