The College Search

Students and parents often “stress” over “finding the right college”.  This should be a fun process for the student and family.  The truth is that there is NOT ONE RIGHT COLLEGE for you.  There are thousands of college/universities in the country and many could be the “perfect fit”.  This is a family decision (remember kids, the parent(s) are paying much of the expense).  Questions about distance from home, college/university reputation, where the student will live over the next four years, school safety, etc., are all family questions.

The student may start with the most used search engines: College BoardPetersons, and Princetonreview or try to participate in an on-line college fair. Students interested in knowing what college students think about their college may check out  Billed as “college reviews by college students”, this is also where you can find out what admissions directors think and how they may view your application.  Students and parents who feel they need to know their major before choosing a school may wish to use  The most popular major is still undeclared and is accepted by most colleges/universities.  Mrs Kapala and the Media Center staff have put together College Planning for students and parents with their college planning and search process.  Also, your counselor has visited many colleges and has helped other FTHS student with this process, so please ask them for help and insight with this process.

No college search is complete without a college visit.  Students and parents should plan on visiting schools utilizing fall break, spring break, and long weekends.  Many colleges offer campus tours, open houses, and information programs at various times during the year.  Visits should be scheduled through the colleges/universities web site.  Most schools will have an ‘admission’ button on their web pages where you should find ‘prospective students’ – ‘campus tours’ buttons to schedule a tour.  Your tour 60- 90 minute tour will usually consist of: 1 – a welcome from an admissions officer; 2 – a video presentation; 3 – a walking tour of the campus with a current student tour guide; 4 – admissions question and answer opportunity.

Useful College Search & Visit Tools: 

Naviance at   User name is your VUSD ID and your password is VUSD Google Password.  Parents: Click “I need to register” Enter your VUSD Parent ID# Create your account.

College Week Live at to access events, presentations, and online college fairs.  This is becoming more popular, but the student must create an account to participate.

College Prowler is a site that helps students to gather information about schools from college students. has more than 200,000 student reviews and coverage on nearly 7,000 schools. It also is including a scholarship search engine check this out at:

University and College Previews and Tours

Parents and students, colleges create a variety of opportunities for you to explore their school.  These include:

  1. College Representative visits on your campus – see FTHS bulletin.

  2. Preview Days where you go to a campus.

  3. Online Virtual Tours – visit college web sites for further information and/or give them a call.

College/University Visit Checklist

Financing College – 
Please see the Media Center web site  for up-to date information.

Summer Programs – 
Please see the Media Center web site regarding Summer Programs for up-to-date information. A summer program is an excellent way to see if you would like to spent several years at a particular institution.