Sophomore Guidance Form


Foothill Technology High School

Sophomore Guidance Registration Form

 Student Name:  _________________________________________ Counselor:  ____________________________________ Date:  _________________


Transcript Review

What is your GPA?_______ What is your rank?_______ of ________ Are you on track for A – G?________


Educational Planning

     High School Plan (select one):

_____ Course work – AP/Honors plus A-G requirements         Both meet CSU/UC

_____ Course work – College Prep plus A-G requirements       entrance requirements


Career Assessment


Careers I am interested in:  1) _________________________          2)  ___________________


3) _________________________  4) ______________________


Colleges of Interest

  1. __________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________


College Testing

  1. PSAT – 11th grade test– Pre SAT test (“mandatory” next year)
FTHS code is:


The ACT and SAT MUST include writing for a UC!

  1. SAT Subject – End of a subject and/or end of grade 11
    1. This is NO longer a requirement for admission to a UC BUT…
      • Some private schools and some programs at a UC will require


NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse (end of 10th grade year)




I reviewed this sheet with my counselor:  _________________________________________________

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