Support for Students at FTHS – links

Academic support:

  • Students are encouraged to work directly with their teachers when they are having difficulty in a subject area.

  • Teachers are more then willing to work with students, but they must know that you are having a hard time and want extra help. Please talk directly with your teacher.

  • Email also works well and utilize the FIRE time and/or if you and the teacher could meet before/after school and/or at lunch time. It is the student’s responsibility to let the teacher know they are in need of extra help and make an appointment time with the teacher for this extra help.

  • Parents and your FTHS counselor can help you with this process, but a student in high school is expected to seek out the help of a teacher. Parents can always contact the teacher for information if outside tutor is desired.

  • Furthermore, FTHS does have student tutors through the National Honor Society in which Mr. Perfect is the club adviser, and could help a student connect with a tutor as needed.

Emotional support:

211 – 24 Hour Hot Line that can provide resources throughout Ventura County

Al-Anon – Alateen provides a weekly meeting place for those teens, ages 12 – 20, who have been affected by someone else’s drinking and/or drug addiction.  The teen members learn how to take the focus off of the adult suffering from the disease of alcoholism/drug addiction and how to put the focus on their own needs, actions, and responsibilities.  By sharing their experience, strength, and hope, the members learn that they are not alone and there are others who understand.  Alateen has one purpose: to help teens whose loved one struggles with an addiction.

Bullying Prevention

Drug Free – Prevent, Intervene, Get Treatment, Recovery

Grief Support –   If your student has suffered the loss of a loved one, we are holding an on campus grief group with a Livingston Memorial Grief Counselor co-facilitating with Ms.Freeman, one of our Foothill counselors. Please contact Ms. Freeman if your child would benefit from joining our confidential grief group that will be held during FIRE and lunch one day a week.

Wellness Everyday – The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department is happy to present Wellness Everyday, the website for local residents. We value our community and strive to bring you the most updated news and happenings about health and wellness. Wellness is something everyone in our county deserves.

There are times in everyone’s life when we all need additional support. Counselors at FTHS are here and ready to help!

The “best” ways to see your counselor at these times are:

    • Come by before/after school or at break/lunch time and see us.

    • Leave us a note, we all have a box outside our office door and we will send you a ‘call-slip’ during class time.

    • Send us an Email saying you need to talk with us and we will send you a ‘call-slip’.  An Email may truly be the best route as you can tell us in the Email why you want to talk (if possible) and what class period would work for you to see your counselor.

Group support is available through support groups which are available on campus. Ms. Freeman is the coordinate the support groups that are held on campus during FIRE and lunch. All groups are confidential and you must see the counselor in advance before being part of a group. If you believe you would benefit from a support group on campus, please see your counselor.

Long-term support is something that you need to access using your parent’s medical insurance or Medical Cal/Healthy Families if you are not covered by health insurance. Your counselor does have information and applications for Medical Cal/Healthy Families in his/her office. The Medical Cal/Healthy Families program provides counseling services using clinics in town and your parent’s health insurance will either use clinics or a Preferred Provider list. Your counselor is more than happy to look at a preferred provider list and recommend a therapist who has worked with our students in the past and who we have received positive feedback on.

Do not be shy about utilizing your counselor in this manner as is the way it works with many insurance programs.