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21 Sep Links to College Information

ACT – ACT registration, info about ACT testing, college search engine Association of Independent CA Colleges and Universities – The association for the 77 independent colleges and universities in the state of California California College

21 Sep The College Search

Students and parents often “stress” over “finding the right college”.  This should be a fun process for the student and family.  The truth is that there is NOT ONE RIGHT COLLEGE for you.  There are thousands of college/univers

21 Sep A-G Information

Foothill Technology High School’s A – G List. Click on the link to go to the University of California’s A – G website “Doorways” UClist and type in Foothill Technology. Here you will find which of our courses fulfill an A – G requirement

18 Sep Counseling Resources

Have questions about classes?  Need advice about college or careers?  Want to sign up for a test?  Need support for a problem? Just ask a counselor.   Resources Information on Addiction